Time to get into new HR ERP – Yes, its Workday Training Certification 2020 Skill

This course will teach you how to use the Workday training HCM 8 weeks training – 30 hours + 2 months of practise access (ONLINE) Instructor Led which is a human resource management program developed by PeopleSoft which is a company specializing in creating Enterprise Resource Planning software also known as ERP software that is used by companies for a lot of different tasks such as helping organize manufacturing, distribution, hiring new employees, managing bookkeeping and accounting and ultimately saving a lot of time and money for businesses.

Therefore, individuals that are proficient in using such as software are very sought after by companies big and small.

In this Course you will learn:

  • The Core Concepts and how to navigate around the Workday HCM program to help maximize the speed you use the program in, learn the user interface and get a general feel for the program.
  • In the second part of the course, you will cover the different organization types and structures and how to effectively and adequately manage them using the Workday HCM software.
  • You will also cover what is known as ‘Staffing Models’ which helps organize all employees of an organization by using various graphs, tables, reports, and spreadsheets in order to organize and compile all the jobs and activities that employees will need to cover, how many hours they will need to work and the total cost of the employees for the company.
  • You will also learn how to manage people in different job positions, structure the groups of employees and make a better working environment overall that benefits employees and the business organization.- Compensation will also be covered to which will include how to create compensation rules, the plans, and packages that will be part of the compensation and also detailed reports that can be easily updated, modified and reviewed to increase overall efficiency at the organization you are working at. – The hiring of new staff members will also be covered to make it much more efficient and also guarantee that you hire the right people for the jobs needed at the firm.
  • Security will also be covered, this is very important as it gives different users rights to view certain information and make changes. You don’t want people with unauthorized people accessing sensitive information. – How to create good business processes and sub processes will also be covered, this is a very important thing that you need to learn as it is an essential step in achieving any goal set by the business. – Finally, you will also cover additional staffing instructions such as the Workday HCM, Enterprise Interface Builder that helps create detailed graphics from gathered data. Career Path and Objective The career paths will depend on the industry you are planning to work in, how high of a position you are aiming to and it is possible for you to hold plus how hard you are willing to learn and educate yourself with the ever-changing world of human resources and technology.
  • Pay scale Demand The Pay scale demands according to Payscale.com varies a lot based on the experience of the individual but we have included a list below of what you should expect to learn depending on your situation.
  • Beginner (You should expect to earn around 29,000 or $36,800 a year when just starting out)- Experienced (You should expect to earn around 38,000 or $48,200 a year if you have between five and 10 years’ experience on average)- Very Experienced (You should expect to earn around 51,000 or $64,700 a year when just starting out if you have over 10 years of experience.) Content and Curriculum Demand As part of the course you will learn and have to master the following objectives: – Learn and understand how to use the Workday HCM software effectively- Learn the different definitions and terminologies so you can be fully prepared for your workplace.
  • Learn and master how to use Cloud Computing, the reports and studio functions of the Workday HCM software.
  • Be able to independently use all of Workday HCM’s features to the highest standard required. Who Should Attend and Prerequisites

Prerequisites: – It is beneficial to have work experience in Human Resources and Jobs and Recruitment, however even if you don’t have any you will still be able to manage just fine on this course. – Have beginners knowledge of what Human Capital Management (HCM) is and it is used for. Who should attend this course? This is course is for anyone looking to progress their career further by becoming more qualified for higher up management roles in all kinds of organizations and businesses such as Finance firms, manufacturing firms, logistics firms, and the hospitality industry to name just a few. Taking and qualifying in this course will help you move up in your firm, get a job at a big established firm or make you ready to start your very own business. – Perfect for Human Resources, Finance, and ICT employees looking to increase their skills and become more employable – Ideal for entrepreneurs looking to be more prepared to launch their new business. – A good add-on in particular to graduates in Finance, Business, Human Resources or ICT.

1 Core concepts and Navigation basics
Overview of ERP and Workday
Cloud Architecture
Core concepts of Workday
Basic Navigation and Details
2 Organization Setup
Supervisory Org
Matrix Organization
Cost center and Cost Center Hierarchy
Location and Location Hierarchy
Region and Region Hierarchy
Company and Company Hierarchy
Custom Orgs
Maintain Sub types
3 Staffing Models
Types of Staffing models
Maintain Staffing models
Differentiate Staffing models
4 Job Profile, Job family, Job management and Positions
Job Profile
Job Creation
5 Core Compensation
Compensation Grade
Compensation Package
Compensation Rules
Comp Plans
6 Security
Security Groups
Security Groups Types
Assign security for Users/Roles
7 Business Process & Configuration
BP Configuration
Sub BP Relation and Configuration
Custom Notifications
8 Recruitment
Setup Job requisition
9 HRIS Transaction
Hire Process
Move Worker
Compensation Changes
Rescind a Process
10 Report Writer
Overview of Custom reports
Types of reports
Build custom reports
Schedule a report
Calculated fields and Functions of Calc fields
11 Workday Integrations(EIB, CC+DT and Studio)
Core connector+DT
Studio overview
12 Tenant Management
Life cycle of Production support and case management
Object and Data Migration